Gypsy’s Personal Guide to Doctors, Drivers, Taxis, Shippers and Helicopters in the Med

Credentials: My husband and I had a summer home in St. Jean Cap Ferrat for 30 years and brought our children up from one end of the Med to the other. We had all kinds and sizes of boats and after selling my home in France I now spend summers on a Feadship called “Strangelove”. I have had many, many, many guests through the years and I know how painful it is to need a dentist and not know one. I am giving you the names, telephone numbers of friends you will be glad to know.

If you have someone you would like to add to my list please let me know. We all need friends when we travel.

Doctors in Italy:
The Genius: Dr. Luigi Marasco — Head of Burn and Plastic Surgery in the Brindisi Hospital. When necessary, for serious emergencies, he will travel. He is a life saver – he is just possibly an angel.
Tel: 39 0185 283 645 Mobile phone: 39 338 688 1723

In Portofino:

Dr. Fati: Reliable, Responsible: Tel: 39 0185 283 645. Mobile: 39 338 688 1723

Dr Ramasco: Reliable, Responsible: Tel: 39 338 281 1046.

Doctors in Spain:
Reliable, responsible. In Palma de Mallorca: Dr. Marisa Diaz Polo Tel: 34 071 681518

Doctors in South of France:
Excellent: In St Jean Cap Ferrat: This has been my family doctor in summer! Dr. Philippe Lemione. Speaks English, Philippe is a very good internist who knows the right specialist. Tel: 33 (0) 4 93 76 16 16. Mobile: 33 (0) 609 090988.

Dr. Veronique Coissard in Beaulieu Sur Mer, lovely and smart dermatologist, speaks English, Tel: 33 (0) 493 01 19 40

Dr. Simblser in Beausoleil, highly respected dermatologist in that odd French area squeezed right above Monte Carlo; experienced, speaks English, knows American medications, I’ve known him for years. Tel: 33 (0) 4 93 78 57 25

I just have to add Dr. Eric Maugee, dermatologist attaché to the Hospital Saint Louis in Paris – a good man and a good name to have! Tel: 01 48 74 12 94

Dr. Gerald Demaneuf, my favorite dentist, his office is in Beaulieu Sur Mer, he is excellent and he doesn’t hurt! Speaks English. I’ve known him for years in Beaulieu Sur Mer, Tel: 33 (0) 4 93 011 940

Laboratory Blood tests: Mr. Edery, respected, reliable, in Beaulieu Sur Mer, Tel: 33 (0) 4 93 01 12 59.

Shipping Agents You Can Trust: I’ve tried them all, I have shipped houses full of precious items so often you would be shocked so I won’t tell you. I think these are the best by far.

Best shipper in the world in my opinion: Tony Daddone, Kamino International Transport, 145th Avenue, Valley Stream, New York 11581. Tel: 1 516 825 4774, ext 3100 for Tony Daddone. Fax 1 516 825 4669. He never – and I mean never – lets you down. Call from Europe, Greenland, or the moon – he is affiliated with the shippers of the world and knows who is who – he will arrange everything.

Another great shipper if you own or charter a boat: Catalano Shipping Services.

La Panorama, Bloc C/D, 57 Rue Grimaldi, Monaco 98000. No matter where you sail, Catalano will find you to deliver or to take away, the five star shipper for yachts. Tel: 377 93 50 86 86.

Taxis, Limos, Drivers, Helicopters

Limousines, Monaco based:

2 M Limousines

Owner: Marc Bazzano – the best on the French coast in my opinion – very pleasant, smart, speaks good English, utterly reliable
Mobile: 377 (0) 6 80 86 40 27
Tel: 377 93 50 69 69

Limousines, Barcelona based:
Abaser: Tel: 34 93 245 78 29

Limousines, St Tropez based:
Riviera Limousine (Francis Laprade) Tel: 33 (0) 611 533 856

Limousines, Rome
Salvatore Rapicavoli: Tel: 39 329 623 1954; mobile: 39 (0) 6 783 49 022
Maurizio Benfenati: Tel: 39 388 231 151 28;

Local taxis, Portofino
Claudio: Tel: 39 335 533 2307
Giovanni: Tel: 39 340 47 33 160

Local taxis, Porto Santo Stefeno
Lucio: Tel: 39 335 126 2906
Marco: Tel: 39 339 399 7132

Local taxi, Viareggio
Alessandro: Tel: 39 339 61 58 852

Private Driver – Amalfi Coast plus


This intelligent, experienced and elegant driver and guide will pick you up and drive you anywhere in Italy. He is the very top of the line. Very good English. Tel: 39 334 330 21 92

Private Driver – La Spezia, Forte dei Marmi area
Massimo Gianfaldoni of Tuscany Dream Limo Service: lives in the area and knows it intimately – lots of shops in that area and he knows them all. I looked at houses in Forte dei Marmi, he has been sending me pictures of possibilities ever since! Speaks good English. Tel: 39 347 461 4390

Private Driver – Porto Cervo
Alessandro Tedde, Tel: 39 368 351 9386 or 39 333 935 5492

The Delightful Drivers of Capri
They sing, they gossip, they bring out the sun, they all know each other, in fact some of them are brothers, they tell funny stories – they should be on radio. They grew up in Capri where everybody knows too much about everybody else but they would never live anywhere else and they drive amazing cars. You are always a star in those cars. Very easy to find them up near the piazzetta in town, here are just a few telephone numbers:

The two, swinging, singing brothers: Nello and Antonio Federico, hilarious, great guys, speak very good English, Tel: 39 335 81 44 771

Another good one, doesn’t sing that I know of but speaks good English: Paolo de Gregorio, Tel: 39 338 284 7638

Private drivers n Brindisi (Italy)
Better than an ambulance if you have an accident in my opinion. Angelo, Tel: 39 338 373 7442 and Roberto, 39 30 939 820

Nice-Monaco: Heli Air Monaco: Tel: 377 92 05 00 50

Italy from Rome: Captain Ricciuto Tel: 39 347 354 9648

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