How to Travel Like A Frenchwoman

Bestselling author Mireille Guiliano on how to make your journey as pleasant an experience as your destination


Before I knew exactly what I wanted to do with my life, I knew it must somehow involve travel. It’s a goal I can proudly say I’ve accomplished, after so many years of promoting both my champagne and my books all over the world. (I even met my husband of more than 30 years on a weekend jaunt to Istanbul!) But although I love to go places, I dislike the process of it. So over the years, I’ve developed some helpful tricks to make the trip as enjoyable and smooth as possible. Flip through the slideshow above to learn how.

Editor’s Note: The former CEO of Champagne Veuve Cliquot, Mireille Guiliano is the bestselling author of French Women Don’t Get Fat. Her latest book is The French Women Don’t Get Fat Cookbook. Visit her at

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  1. avatar Joan Larsen says:

    Mireille .  .  . if I could change but one of your suggestions for travel, I would definitely say with certainty that “A GOOD MAN IS THE BEST TRAVEL COMPANION” . . . and if one is available, I would pass up books at that time (and I am addicted to books, but .  .) 

    It is pretty common knowledge that I am addicted to travel .  .  . but travel shared with another who wants to soak up everything, sit at a leisurely dinner and toast to the pleasures of the day shared, will suggest – if I haven’t already – taking the road less travelled and see where we find ourselves, and is teased by the premise of “love in the afternoon” as much as I am.

    So give me the man who has charm enough to get us moved up to business class, occasionally latches on to my too full carry-on that is giving me “monkey arms”, and is willing to climb the highest mountain with me — and NOT because he thinks I can’t do it safely by myself.

    It is wonderful when that glimpse of heaven is sitting on the plane right next to you !!!

  2. avatar Bella Mia says:

    Aw, Joan, that’s so romantic.  I just returned from Dallas with my husband, and he willing carried my overladen purse through the airport so I wouldn’t hurt my neck.  I was impressed with his lack of hesitancy in doing so and and his concern for my well-being.  My heart bloomed with appreciation.  We snuggled together on the plane, and watched the HBO Temple Grandin movie – highly recommended (both snuggling and the movie)- which we had downloaded onto our computer, each of us wearing one earbud so we could both listen.
    His most endearing quality is the ability to make me laugh, even under duress – even during labor!  Now that’s talent.

  3. avatar J Holmes says:

    Wonderful sensible tips.  I love to walk and on vacations it is a must and my favorite mode of getting around; you see so much and is especially nice when accompanied by your special someone.

  4. avatar Donna H says:

    This is a repeat!  I remember the arrogant demand for a bottle of water.  I say again, “I’ve never been in an airport that did not sell bottled water after the security check.”  Maybe Mirielle can purchase her own bottle & minimize the possibility that she’ll end up as the flight crew’s “worst passenger on the flight”.