The Impending Divorce of Our Gypsy and … San Diego

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I may have to divorce San Diego. I have always loved that town. Best weather in the world. Not too expensive. Great sea views almost everywhere. Very happy people. BUT: California is running out of money and it is running out of water. The leaders of the two cartels that are cutting off most of the heads in Mexico live in San Diego, I am told, to be safe. (If you look at Mexico when you are in a plane landing in San Diego Mexico looks like a suburb of San Diego.)

And now!!!! they have just announced that more than 50 new earthquake faults have been discovered in California in the past two decades – though nobody told us. I suppose, as California has thousands of faults, 50 more don’t excite scientists. The trouble is that so many are in San Diego.

And we are only talking about surface faults; the deep troublemakers such as the one that caused the Northridge quake are not included. It is estimated there are 15,000 faults in the state but just look at that fault map. Look at San Diego!!!!!!!

But is San Diego too fabulous to cross off our list? What do you think?

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