Behind the “60 Minutes” Interview: Lesley Stahl on House Majority Leader Eric Cantor

Sunday, on CBS’ “60 Minutes,” Lesley Stahl got personal with Eric Cantor and discussed his life and the recent bipartisan wars in Congress. Watch a behind the scenes look of her interview below:

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  1. avatar Elizabeth L says:

    Watched the interview and needed a shovel and a shower after.

  2. avatar Frau Quink says:

    Lesley Stahl – Always a class act!

  3. avatar macshea95 says:

    This was not ‘behind’ the interview. This was the interview, which I had already suffered through once. i was interested in what Lesley thought of the interview. That is the way it was presented. It would have been great to have an honest straightforward reporter comment on the total lack of honesty in her interview subject.