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O, Negative or Positive?

Not to beat a dead horse, but the “news” leads me back to Oprah again. Well, OK, it was Barbara Walters. We’re back to whether Oprah is or isn’t gay. She said – again – she was not; that being gay – if she were – would be perfectly fine.  And then she got all weepy at the mention of Gayle’s name. All I could think was: the mention of a close girlfriend of mine never reduced me to tears, unless she had died. As David Letterman said, “Methinks she doth protest too much.” (He said that years ago, and then Oprah didn’t talk to him for more than a decade and a half. Trust me, he’s not going there again.)

This discussion has been going on for quite a long time now. (We are a crazy country.) Gayle’s ex said, years ago, the O factor was too much for him, hence the divorce. My husband hasn’t said that about any of my girlfriends; has yours? This leaves the question of Stedman. He has been so relegated to background music that even Walters was surprised he was still in the picture. (I’m guessing O would have much preferred taking Gayle to the Kennedy Center Honors, but that was not to be.) Sted, referred to as a “20 year relationship” by O, has had some questions asked about his preferences, as well, so that does count as a wild card. There have been men, certainly, in O’s life and in her bed, but those situations didn’t work out too well.

I wish to be on record as saying I DON’T CARE if O bats for the other team. Everyone should live and be well. But please, can interviewers stop with this issue? If O and Gayle are an item, you’re never gonna hear it from them.

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  1. avatar Harriet Shoebridge says:

    Barbara Wa-Wa … says it all … an interview incomplete without the interviewee reduced to tears.  See the scab and start pulling on it … just not nice.

  2. avatar Briana Baran says:

    Regarding any interviews with Oprah, it has been said many times by those professionally close to her that all questions asked during said interviews are reviewed by Oprah and/or her staff, and only those which are approved are allowed to be asked…no matter who is asking them. I seriously doubt that the question of Oprah’s sexual orientation being presented as an option would come as a surprise to her…it is a standard in any Oprah interview, and I would wager that it was deemed perfectly acceptable, and that she was fully prepared for it.
    Remember, Oprah herself is a media personality who has made her own dubious fame by asking (allegedly) tough, shock (schlock) questions…especially of celebrities whose ideologies, platforms and ideas she disagrees with, or finds offensive (except Sarah Palin, with whom she played the soft-shoe dance). This is her profession and her pride, and she has been doing it, and garnered the idolization of millions from it. For her to be suddenly overcome by emotion (emoting?) and break down in tears over the oft repeated query as to whether or not she and Gayle are lovers does not make any sense, or ring true in any way. Especially when the question came from the o-so predictable Barbara Walters. Oprah is old enough, and experienced enough, to know perfectly well Ms. Walters’ interview patterns and habits. To claim surprise, and emotional wounding in this situation is ridiculous.
    There shouldn’t even be a ghost of a scar on Oprah regarding her and Gayle after all of these years of ludicrous questions (why she emotes, and loses her hair instead of just saying, “It really isn’t any of your business” is just another indicator of her penchant for drama, and creating an alternative to the solar system that revolves around Oprah’s self-created astral object rather than our sun). And for the record, there are women and men whom I do love, and have loved deeply. I would cry if one of them became deceased…but if someone suggested that one of my dearly loved female friends and I were having a secret lesbian relationship, I would laugh in her face. And I am bisexual. But I have had friends of both sexes in whom I had not the slightest iota of sexual interest, nor did they in me, and yet our love was very fierce, protective and powerful. I know what Platonic friendship is. If someone actually wounded one of them, I wouldn’t weep and moan. I would act. But suggesting that our relationship was other than its actual nature? O, please.
    My dears, given all of my wounds, scars, mental illnesses, miserable, abusive childhood. alcoholism, drug addictions, and even a mother who doesn’t love me (poor little old me)…I think at this point I could hold up my head, look that person in the eye, and say, “Why do you even care? Is your own life that empty?”.

  3. avatar V B says:

    oh for god sakes

    the woman said she is not gay

    can we move on?

    Of all the things Oprah cries about, a life long friendship is probably the best…


    its the menopause stupid