Beat the Heat – and Look Good Doing It


Jane Buckingham shares the hottest new tools in summertime self-maintenance

Try these summery fashion and beauty picks, designed to get you out of any and all sticky situations.

Ever find yourself sneaking out of work early to head to the beach but not wanting to look like it? Or trying to jam a few extra beach-worthy items in an overjammed suitcase? These clever flip-flops. Er, Pocketflops, make the job easier by folding in half so you can pop them in a pusrse and have them at the ready anytime, aywhere. $22


So you’re not feeling the pocket flops? Is fashion more your thing? Fear not. You’ll flip for these flops. Jordi Flops allows you to buy one pair of flip-flops and interchange the embellishment on it to stay current with all the fashion trends. It’s a clever idea that will keep you fashion savvy at a decent price. It’s $24 one pair, and $12 for additional embellishments.


If you’re out sightseeing or melting on the beach or just getting a hot flash in the office, you’re a great candidate for Chill Towels. They may look ordinary but they get as icy cold as a woman fighting for the last pair of Manolos on final sale. Just shake, open and they stay 20 degrees cooler than body temp for three-to-eight hours. Plus they’re reusable! $4.47 – $11.97


Have I ever faked it? Oh please. It’s so much quicker, easier and a lot lesss painful when you do, right? Wait, I’m talking about getting a tan, what are you thinking about? Well, if you’re a self-tanner like me, you may have made a few mistakes or wound up with that icky tanner build-up. If so, de-stress, de-tox and de-tan with St. Tropez Tan Detox, which will actually remove a botched self-tan or the build-up. Tan Detox returns the skin to its normal tone, and leaves it ready for a fresh application of self-tan or the real thing! $35

Yes, I know, if I had been drinking 64 ounces of water, not drinking soda and wearing sunscreen since childhood I wouldn’t need this. But no, I forget to moisturize, grab a diet coke and hit the beach. So now I can at least figure out if my skin is hydrated with the Skin Moisture Analyzer by DermStore. This nifty little device actually analyzes your skin with the touch of a button prompting you to grab a liter, get out of the sun and slather on the closest shea butter. $34.95

There are a few reasons I don’t wear makeup. One is that every time I put it on I look ten years older, not younger. Another is that, especially during summer, I feel the makeup melting off of my face onto the floor. While I may not be able to solve the first, I have found a cure for the second. With a few spritzes of Urban Decay’s All Nighter, my makeup doesn’t budge for 16 hours. Somehow the All Nighter’s temperature-control technology keeps your makeup from melting down when it’s warm and humid, or dehydrating when it’s cold and windy. Now if it could only keep me looking like I’m in my 30s. $29

If summer finds you, like me, getting bitten by every bug and bee, burned when you’re in the sun for a minute and somehow in every patch of poison ivy around, you’ll want to start carrying this stick in your purse. First Aid Beauty Healing Stick seems to be a cure for whatever ails you – at least of the summer variety! $14

Jane Buckingham is the best selling author of Modern Girl’s Guide to Life book series. She is the president of Trendera a consulting and research company, and the leading expert on trends among Gen X and Y. Her newest book is The Modern Girl’s Guide to Sticky Situations.

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  1. avatar D C says:

    Sneaking out of work to run to the beach.  Ahhh that takes me back. 

    It was April 1992, and the weather in Houston was starting to seriously warm up, but this day was bright, and just barely over the edge of cool, and I was sick of my office, and feeling that incredible tiredness that being 3 months pregnant is all about.  My daughter was 3 and at the day care on the campus of the University where I worked.  About 10:30 I decided I just couldn’t take it anymore, and told my boss I was going home sick.  I picked up my toddler, and headed for the freeway.  To go home, I had to turn left.  Instead, I turned right, and headed for Galveston.  We had no provisions at all, so I stopped at a mall on the way, ran in and got myself a pair of maternity shorts and a tank top.  Then when we got to Galveston I stopped at a grocery store and got flip-flops, sunscreen, and snacks.  I already had my daughter’s backpack which always carried a change of clothes.  We went to the beach and played in the sand.  About 4pm we headed home (about an hour away).  It was one of the best days of my life.  Wish I’d bought a disposable camera too so my daughter might remember.