Peggy Rometo’s Star Signs, Week of December 20

What’s in the stars for you this week?

Sagittarius (November 22 – December 21)
This week, it will take all your strength to hold back your frustration and underlying tension. You may find an opportunity to get out from under this situation. Others may see you as cheap or stingy if you continue to keep score. The full moon lunar eclipse on the 21st may bring you shocking news regarding close relationships. You could feel betrayed by someone that you once had an affinity for or worked with — or you could find yourself at odds with someone you once admired. This eclipse could also signify the end of a relationship or situation as you once knew it. Watch your footing this week and slow down to avoid twisting an ankle or breaking a high heel. On a bright note, you could get something accepted of importance to you. Romantically, coupled Sags could feel conflicted over their partner’s busy schedule — though in truth, you’re just as preoccupied. Single Sags are filled with enough energy to burn the candle at both ends, and wouldn’t dream of passing up an opportunity to connect with someone who shows promise. Celebrate your ability to read between the lines!

Capricorn (December 22-January 19)
A recent turn of events leaves you feeling hopeful about what’s next. It’s time to step away from old jealousy and fear of others getting the best of you. You have the willpower and determination to make the necessary life changes you are looking for: anything from diet and nutritional changes to personal development and spirituality.  Others see you as formidable and no-nonsense as you buckle down and get it done. You may be tempted to cut your hair or to take a bold new step with color. Circulation and your glandular system are taking a toll from long-term stress. Do your best to lighten up and stay healthy. Financially, you may be offered a lateral move in your career, or be given an opportunity to change your role or direction. While your pay may not increase, it is a worthwhile shift. The lunar eclipse on Dec. 21st could wreck havoc with long-term plans. You may find yourself suddenly excluded from something that was important to you; an ending may be in sight. Romantically, coupled Caps are happy and content with one another, while single Caps need someone strong to shower them with attention. Stay awake, as Mercury in retrograde may bring someone back in your life to say goodbye or to rekindle a romance. Just remember it’s not forever. Celebrate your intuitive ability!

Aquarius (January 20 – February 18)
You may find yourself reuniting with old friends and colleagues or picking up new business contacts. You’re on a mission to accomplish a lot, and won’t take no for an answer. The eclipse on the 21st awakens a solution to a nagging problem, possibly a family situation where everything finally comes to light. While it may be painful in the moment, the long-term effects may work in your favor. You’re street-smart, savvy and, this week, unpredictable. Don’t be surprised if you begin airing your personal feelings. The good news is that people won’t have to walk on eggshells around you. Financially, you may be concerned about your immediate future, but have a plan and focus to improve your bottom line. The good news is you’ll get what you’re aiming for. Romantically, Aquarians may feel as if they are dying on the vine. Whether you are single or coupled, there is a thirst that is not being met. Look within to connect with a higher power to release frustration and sadness. Better days are ahead. Celebrate your abundant nature!

Pisces (February 19 – March 20)
A surprise phone call may bring good news, putting an end to a puzzling or draining situation. Sadly, this could mean the death of something such as a business venture, marriage or personal relationship — or conversely, the end of a difficult period of time and the marking of new beginnings. Thanks to your optimistic demeanor, you’ll see the positive in this sudden turn of events. Travel related-itineraries may be canceled or shifted due to this reveal. Your sweet tooth may get the best of you if you’re not on guard. You may put extra attention into the children in your life this week, due to a growing emotional concern. Financially, Pisces are fixated on doing what is needed and getting the job done. This creates an ongoing stability in your financial world. Coupled Pisces may be at odds or challenged by communication this week, while single Pisces are equally stymied by confusing remarks. Do your best to not make it a big deal or to overthink the situation. Celebrate your ability to forgive and forget!

Aries (March 21 – April 19)
Your fortitude and perseverance continue to push you to go where other individuals would have walked away or set sail in a new direction. The full moon lunar eclipse on the 21st may have a dramatic impact in creating a new future for you. An old situation or problem may be finalized or receive its death warrant, while a new opportunity is celebrated and hailed. The bottom line – it’s all good. Communication may still be frenzied, so it’s best to simply agree in principle and work out the fine-print after the first of the year. New details may emerge regarding a situation with your skin. If tests were taken, you may find them to be inconclusive or delayed.  Romantically, coupled Aries may be focused on getting away from it all and hunkering down with their partner. Single Aries may be fixated on someone from their past who is no longer available in the truest sense. Do your best to let go of this old relationship and welcome new opportunities that are coming your way. Celebrate your ability to have fun!

Taurus (April 20 – May 20)
You may find yourself shifting gears and looking for ways to alter your schedule to fit everything in. You have more on your plate than you originally had intended for this week, and may unexpectedly lose control. The full moon eclipse may leave you breathless, chasing after something you cannot change. This information may not affect you directly, but could someone close to you. You may hear of a sudden divorce, death, or end of a dream for someone close to you, and you may feel compelled to alter your schedule to help pick up the pieces. Key ideas, strategy and planning co-creatively give you a heads up about where to put your focus in the new year. Physically, you may be ready for a routine exam, or may want to double check the status of an old illness. All is well in that department; however, get your medical records updated to have the physical proof. Coupled Taurus may need some assistance in coaxing their partner to be more spontaneous, while single Taurus is enjoying the stimulation of someone new and exciting. Celebrate your good fortune!

Gemini (May 21- June 20)
Your happy go-lucky-style is contagious, and others look for ways to can enter your orbit. The lunar eclipse that falls on December 21st may create an unusual added drama for you to deal with. You could suddenly move a long distance from where you currently reside, or find yourself dealing with more foreign individuals or situations. Sudden endings and new beginnings are likely. You could also discover you’re pregnant or an adoption may come through for yourself or someone close to you. Your looks become a top priority at this time. Running gives your glandular system the boosts it needs to stay in tip-top shape, whether you like it or not. Romantically, coupled Geminis are looking for ways to impress and connect with their partners out of genuine care and concern. Single Geminis are all heart when it comes to the idea of a true love. Stay alert as someone new enters your orbit this week. No need to rush them; they may be around for a long time to come. Celebrate your good fortune!

Cancer (June 21 – July 22)
You’ll be on fire this week, accomplishing tasks and getting ahead of the curve. You’re well rounded and others respect your quick thinking, open heart and genuine ability to care. Continue to be unstoppable in your quest for finding your authentic self. The full moon eclipse brings with it pressure to commit and to create new beginnings. This may happen after a door closes. A surprise visit from your past brings good times for you both. Take care to keep old injuries warm, as they may be sensitive to the cold. Keeping your circulation in top condition is also a must. You may have secret plans for the weekend and are hopeful about pulling them off. Financially, surprise monies find their way to you. Romantically, coupled Cancers are on top of their game and cuddling up with their partner when they can, while single Cancers are hesitant to pull the trigger on a new love. Give yourself a breather; no action is an answer for the time being. Celebrate your ability to have patience and trust the process!

Leo (July 23 – August 22)
Stay true to yourself this week by keeping personal promises. Don’t allow yourself to be influenced by others’ opinions or the need to “look good;” you’ve got what it takes to earn their respect in ways that don’t conform to the mass mentality. Stick to what you know best and you’ll find that fame will follow right behind you. New enterprises may develop quickly over the weeks ahead in the form of an untimely job offer or opportunity to step into something completely different. Let go of any fear around missing an opportunity and instead take the challenge head on. Romantically, coupled Leos are capable of showing deep love and commitment, but may be afraid to do so, based on an underlying fear of losing the upper hand or appearing vulnerable. This week things can begin to be different. Single Leos begin to get honest with themselves and those around them. A door may close around a relationship that you were hoping would bud into more. Walk away with your head held high knowing it isn’t you, but the circumstances at hand. Celebrate your ability to read between the lines!

Virgo (August 23 – September 22)
A recent disappointment creates more of an emotional challenge than you originally thought it would. This may be due to a change of events, work schedule or shift in another’s course — or perhaps to the full moon lunar eclipse on the 21st, which may create a big shift in your life. Let go of resisting the inevitable and celebrate new beginnings. You may have unexpectedly moved recently, or created a new chapter in your life through divorce or moving in with someone special. An adjustment time is needed, and to be expected. Hold your head high, as there is no need to apologize for having warranted emotions.  Financially, you may be concerned about having enough to go around. Continue to trust that you’ll be provided for. Positive news arrives this week that gives you hope. You’re a light to many, and your encouragement is needed to keep them going. Make sure you stay connected to close friends, even though there is a temptation to bury your head in personal grief. Celebrate discovering what works for you and demanding it from life!

Libra (September 23 – October 22)
Your constant vigil over what’s next may be pulling you out of being present to right now. Do your best to slow down and grab a hold of what’s necessary in the moment. You may be losing valuable time by daydreaming about tomorrow. The winter solstice and full moon lunar eclipse on the 21st gives you something to dream about. Important events that you have been waiting on are solidified, opening up a new door of opportunity and expansion, as well as a struggle to fit it all in. You’re well on your way to notoriety, and the Universe offers the prospect of a dream becoming a reality. Financially, you may feel off-course and stuck. This temporary period where your funds are seemingly frozen or that you don’t have access to your potential ends mid-week, giving you a new lease on life. You may be ready for a facial or taking care of your skin’s precious needs. Make it happen, you’ll feel revived and refreshed. A second-nature gift helps you bring peace of mind to a close friend. Romantically, coupled Libras are grateful for their committed partners and don’t mind showing them so. Single Libras may feel tentative to act on an instinct about someone new. Throw caution to the wind and trust your gut. You’ve got this one in the bag.

Scorpio (October 23 – November 21)
Tension in the household finally gives way, and another needs to let you know their true feelings. They may have been hurt about something weeks ago and are finally willing to cop to holding a grudge. The winter solstice and full moon eclipse help to blow out any remaining flimsy dreams that aren’t going to happen. It will be a breath of fresh air to see the truth and to know what will actually work. Skin may be dry and need additional hydration to keep you feeling youthful and vibrant. New information around an old problem gets presented — possibly having to do with pregnancy, infertility or adoption. Financially, you’re in a solid position this week as new information solidifies your hunches. Romantically, coupled Scorpios are sincere with their partners and able to connect at a deeper level. Single Scorpios may be challenged with a promise they can’t or don’t want to keep. If you’re trying to get out of something, it’s best to be honest and move forward. You’ll feel better about it; they’ll move on. Celebrate your ability to be authentic and work things out!

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