Peggy Rometo’s Star Signs, Week of October 3

What’s in the stars for you this week?

Libra (September 23 – October 22)
You may feel as if you have just been through a fire and are looking for something to salvage. You can be happy about the fact that you know the score and therefore know what to do. This newfound awareness has a silver lining that is yet to be fully grasped. Financially, you may feel overwhelmed about the gap between where you are at and what you want. New ideas and specific formulas assist you in making up the difference. An underlying promise to yourself is put to the test; you are able to keep it by staying aware. A valuable new friend shares an important piece of information that you view as ordinary. Be sure to keep this in confidence or you’ll be written off. Romantically, coupled Libra finds ways to protect one another, bringing in a much-needed closeness. Single Libra is admired from a distance. You may find yourself “accidentally” crossing paths with them on Friday. The weekend has you happily engaged in things that give you pleasure. Celebrate feeling the love!

Scorpio (October 23 – November 21)
A new and improved product or service comes your way; you’re eager to share the news with anyone that will listen. You may run into a few intuitive snags this week when you end up either buying something you already have or don’t purchase something because you think you don’t need it. Play things safe to avoid frustration. Financially, you may find yourself in charge of someone else’s bank account or in the position of having to tell them what they are worth, putting you in an uncomfortable position. When in doubt, use the status quo to rationalize your findings. You may find yourself getting a great haircut or trying something new for the fall. Romantically, coupled Scorpio is like two peas in a pod, planning an exciting future event together. Single Scorpio finds a new pal that feels like kismet. Celebrate the joy of being “understood”.

Sagittarius (November 22 – December 21)
You have the unique perspective this week to get you where you want to go and you won’t be deterred by circumstances. You may find yourself frustrated by someone who as gone off track on you, possibly a child or relative who is not following through as promised. You may find yourself connecting with animals, especially dogs. An emotional situation could potentially get the best of you at the end of the week if you don’t slow down and take a step back. Doing so makes all the difference in the world for your weekend festivities. Romantically, coupled Sag may change the program at the last minute and forget to tell you. It’s not intentional, making it a very forgivable action with plenty of time for them to prove it to you. Single Sag gets to call the shots and enjoy the power of having others follow you where you want to go. Celebrate being the leader of the pack!

Capricorn (December 22-January 19)
A renewed commitment to yourself opens up new doors and creates a new conversation. You begin to create something from nothing, and it quickly manifests into what is next. This vote of confidence has you moving forward faster than you originally expected. Financially, you seem to have wised up overnight and seen things that you were previously missing. This newfound sixth sense has you maneuvering yourself in the direction of your dreams — and pulling it off. You may experience some discomfort with joints such as ankles, knees or elbows; this may be connected to your lack of desire to be more emotionally flexible in a frustrating circumstance. Surrender to the situation and you may see an increased flexibility in your joints with less pain. Romantically, coupled Cap knows how to influence their partner and likes what they see. Single Cap wants someone to sweep them off their feet and make life easy for a change. Look for your girlfriends this week to be that support; Prince Charming is likely a no-show. Celebrate being dialed into what is happening!

Aquarius (January 20 – February 18)
You may feel a bit drained as you begin this week, but a resilience that was previously missing has been restored. You can see the trajectory of a project that is near and dear to your heart, and know how to make it happen. An overly friendly individual surprises you with direct personal questions that may catch you off-guard, but put a smile on your face. The person in question doesn’t stick around for the answer, but it’s always nice to be flirted with by someone who is attractive. You may have lots of reading to do this week, either for educational purposes, your career, or self-help. You may accidentally wear the wrong type of shoes if you’re not thinking and end up with blisters on your toes. Romantically, coupled Aquarians may be a little irritable with their spouse, but are quick to pull back and make amends. The good news is it doesn’t over shadow a positive weekend together. Single Aquarians should be aware that a girlfriend may allow herself to get caught up in a flirtatious situation that leaves you feeling isolated. If possible, party with a posse to avoid being odd man out. Celebrate your independent nature!

Pisces (February 19 – March 20)
You are able to see right through people this week to the point of being able to embarrass them. Be careful with how direct you may be, even in jest, or you could end up looking like a bully to an overly sensitive individual. A concern you have finally gets aired with a close confidant, giving you some valuable insight. You may get bit by the fall bug and have a desire to begin pulling out a different wardrobe.  Financially, you may receive a surprise bonus, gift, or money, seemingly for no reason. Of course, it’s for doing something great that comes naturally to you. This week, you may need to get new contacts or have your eyes checked. Pay attention to favorite products that are hard to get or prescriptions that you may need to order so that you don’t run out. Romantically, coupled Pisces find a confidence that had been previously missing from their relationship. Their partners are not sure if they like the new you; don’t be discouraged, have fun and they will too. Single Pisces may choose to go out on a limb this week to gather information about someone you are attracted too. Resist the temptation to get too close or you’ll be found out. Patience plays in your favor. Celebrate your ability to keep it together!

Aries (March 21 – April 19)
You may be in the middle of a phone tree this week, gathering information or the pieces of a puzzle. It could be that you are in charge of a fundraiser or part of a surprise party. You’re determined to make this work, as you feel connected to the cause or event. If trying new makeup or prescription medication for your face, be sure to test it behind your ear or on the nape of your neck, as you may develop a slight irritation to it. You may find yourself dealing with a government office this week, possibly connected to a lost passport or immigration issues. Financially, you’re solid this week and like the way things look from where you are sitting. Romantically, coupled Aries may be confused over a communication from their partner, which turns out to be a misunderstanding. Single Aries may feel compelled to buy a new outfit for something they are looking forward to. Go ahead and splurge; you’ll have plenty of use for it down the road. Celebrate enjoying the simple things in life!

Taurus (April 20 – May 20)
Someone who has been on your mind crosses paths with you this week, bringing a smile to your face. Crossword puzzles and reading important documents go hand-in-hand this week, since you love to keep your curious mind alert and sharp.  Financially, you may be concerned about a loophole in your estate or business that has just come to your attention. It could be an under-performing asset or higher-than-expected expenses. Either way, it’s nothing big in the scheme of things or you’ll handle it in due time. Allergies may kick in unexpectedly, creating some surprise discomfort. It leaves almost as promptly as it arrives. Romantically, coupled Taurus is over-protective of their partner and may request they slow down or move away from a stressful situation. Your partner may see this as more of a controlling move. Being playful aids in getting things back to normal. Single Taurus is unusually patient this week; it pays off as others notice your even-keeled style. Celebrate having the good life!

Gemini (May 21- June 20)
You may be perplexed by another’s behavior this week and ultimately find that you may have inadvertently offended them. It blows over quickly once it’s out in the open. Teeth or a low-grade bacterial infection in your gums may be creating inflammation in other areas of your body, namely your gut or intestines. Speaking to your doctor is best if you are experiencing this issue. In addition, hives or scratching may be associated with a pet’s shampoo or spray cleaner. Financially, you’re solid and finding ways to pay off things that have been hanging over your head. Your creative brain works overtime, solving other people’s problems as well as your own. Romantically, coupled Gemini’s partner looks for ways to express their love. Single Gemini is hopeful about someone they have met recently who is showing an interest in them. Celebrate your ability to be yourself and be loved!

Cancer (June 21 – July 22)
A change of direction gives a project that’s near and dear to your heart new life. While initially this may be disconcerting, you intuitively know it to be true. You may need to spend some additional time doing research to support your hypothesis. People, places and things are what interest you, and you could get easily sidetracked in another’s drama if you allow it. Lucky numbers come your way; you may find yourself winning a drawing or game of chance. Skin irritations may be tied to emotional frustrations, such as anxiety or hypersensitivity. Work on feeling balanced and keeping your hands off the area. A close friend may invite you someplace special. Financially, you may find yourself short and needing to use your savings or borrow from a close friend. The weeks ahead provide a big shift in your favor. Romantically, coupled Cancer acts like they have fallen in love all over again; this may also include the drama. Single Cancer is beginning to shift their attention and affection from one place to another. Either way, you have plenty of time before you are pressed to make a final decision. Celebrate being flexible!

Leo (July 23 – August 22)
You may be experiencing an underlying irritation that has you on the brink. Now is not the time to do anything stupid or outrageous just because you are right. Midweek, a person of authority looks to congratulate you on a job well done. This is a well-earned effort on your part, and should be acknowledged. An opportunity for community service and volunteering may arise. You may gain the attention of several new admirers this week. You’re in a good routine with your physical body, which assists you in releasing mental stress. You may find something of value in the gym, other than good health. Romantically, coupled Leo is feeling frisky and looks to their partner for satisfaction. While they may not be able to keep up, they definitely enjoy your hunger. For single Leo, romance may be an all or nothing gamble. You could be experiencing a series of one-night stands or haven’t had a date in weeks; either way, this week things begin to come into balance this week in a whole new way. Celebrate being on top of the world!

Virgo (August 23 – September 22)
You may be dog-tired from working yourself to the bone or trying to make things happen. You could be in a new routine this week that takes extra effort and energy. By the end of the week, things settle down as you do. Be extra-cautious this week cooking or when you are around open flames. You’ll be able to stop trouble by simply paying attention. Mid-week you may consider a massage or schedule it for the following week, when things are a bit slower. A vacation is on your mind, causing you to spend extra time online or buying books about your dream destination. You may be alerted to a problem that you have to rely on others to solve for you, either because you aren’t in its proximity or you need an expert. It’s manageable, but a pain nonetheless. Something you have been waiting on finally arrives and gives you great pleasure. Romantically, coupled Virgo may be trying to figure out where they stand with one another and how to stay on track. Single Virgo’s confidence is growing, and as a result is beginning to look at life a bit differently. This attracts an entirely new kind of suitor. Celebrate getting your needs met!

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