Peggy Rometo’s Star Signs, Week of December 27

What’s in the stars for you this week?

Capricorn (December 22-January 19)
It’s time to follow through with ideas and not take no for an answer. Dig deep and don’t feel remorse for not acting sooner. You can begin implementing action steps to make your dreams come true after December 30, when Mercury retrograde ends. This is a perfect time for new beginnings. The recent full moon eclipse on the 21st may have given you a jump-start by clearing your plate of burdensome responsibilities or deals that may have fallen to the wayside. You can start to trust the information you receive later this week as authentic and viable. Let go of self-sabotaging ways and stop being so hard on yourself. Romantically, coupled Caps are hungry for honesty and a one-for-all-all-for-one mentality; you can get there with a little patience and fortitude. Single Caps may be concerned about what’s next for them. Let go of the struggle and just have fun; the right partner will show up when you’re busy living life and no longer looking. If you’ve just snagged “the one,” new developments showing you the strength of the relationship will be revealed in the short weeks ahead. Celebrate being on top of things!

Aquarius (January 20 – February 18)
Your bright intuition makes you realize something’s up with someone close to you; pay attention to what they aren’t saying. Flashes of inspiration can be channeled to put you on your personal path for growth and celebration. Your work may be heading in a new direction or become more personal to you the upcoming year. A phone call may break a spell of solitude, leaving you to deal with another’s self-imposed problem. Keep your boundaries firm so that you don’t get chewed up in the process. You may be feeling cold from the inside out. This could be connected to a spiritual process, as well as lack of chi in the body. Work on cleaning up your diet for optimal wellness. Romantically, coupled Aquarians may need some patience to deal with their life partners. You may feel as if you have given them plenty of time — but to them, it’s been but a moment. Remain patient with your process. Single Aquarians will have the opportunity to connect with someone new who is gentle and non-confrontational. Celebrate your ability to read between the lines!

Pisces (February 19 – March 20)
You’re moving and grooving to your own tune this week, and others are drawn to your confidence and extroverted behavior. Things will finally begin to “make sense,” and you’ll feel as if a weight has been lifted from your shoulders. New developments around your work may force you to relocate or create unexpected challenges with your home life. No worries, the perfect solution will be presented shortly after the predicament arises. A relationship that has been wearing down somehow manages to escape breaking at this time. Your influence over another’s behavior has others coming to you for support and/or advice. You may need to drink some herbal tea to soothe your throat, as well as take extra vitamin C this week to keep your immune system going strong. Romantically, coupled Pisces are moving away from friction and getting cozy to bring in the New Year. Mercury goes direct on the 10th helping to clear up communication. Single Pisces know how to be direct when it matters most; at the end of the week, a wish comes true. Celebrate having the crystal-clear focus to get what you want!

Aries (March 21 – April 19)
You’re relieved this week and may feel as if you are living a dream; either you’re on vacation in a beautiful paradise, or your wishes are coming true. There’s always the possibility that it’s both! Your quick wit and charm has others baffled as to how you’re able to maintain your glow while pushing yourself to the limit. A recent worry or concern goes by unnoticed, and turns out to be nothing. You may buy yourself a new wallet or receive one for the holidays; either way, it symbolizes new money coming into your life from a new source. A magazine, tabloid or headline newspaper may want to do an interview with you regarding recent accomplishments and exciting announcements. Romantically, coupled Aries couldn’t be happier with a recent announcement or turn of events. Single Aries are determined to get their way, and the Universe is on your side to help you this week. Let go of the struggle and ask nicely. It’ll happen. Celebrate your tenacity in willing a victory!

Taurus (April 20 – May 20)
You’re magnanimous and altruistic, and are able to encourage others to new heights. Past affiliates and alliances that have caused you pain may be revisited with a new awareness. It doesn’t necessarily mean you will do business with them again, but you may soften from your original stance. You may be acknowledged, awarded or bestowed a title or honor due to recent accomplishment. Spiritual ideas and natural curiosity are revisited, researched or experienced. A recent death may have caused your inquiry. Dreams become very important and poignant to you. Ask to remember them and you’ll get a jump-start on what’s next for you. Romantically, coupled Taurus may need to put downtime on their schedule; you need to ensure you have some alone time to be the best partner you can be. Single Taurus are patient, but may feel compelled to move forward without waiting for the perfect partner. You’re right on track to get what you want. Celebrate your gut instincts and spiritual connection!

Gemini (May 21- June 20)
An individual from your past steps out of the shadows to congratulate you on a recent happy event; let go of any fears or concerns around their motives. This week, you may have to work a bit harder to get things exactly as you want them, but you will find progress. New information or formulations of ideas or plans are within reach. The end of the week presents a perfect time to receive surprise bonuses and to ask for what will really serve you – more time off with the same pay. You may find yourself shopping for a new car or repairing an old one. Large mechanical items may need to be replaced or repaired from this last go-round with Mercury retrograde. You can expect an improvement in communication and mechanical devices after December 30th. An unexpected surgery or emergency procedure for someone in your life goes well, possibly a female. Romantically, coupled Geminis are feeling confident and in the flow. You’ll need to slow down and be present to tap into your partner’s sensual side. Single Geminis had temporarily taken themselves off the market. This is the perfect time to get back into the swing of things. Celebrate the New Year off right by stepping up your game by stepping out of the box. Go for the unexplainable; trust your gut and don’t look back.  Celebrate your ability to break free from the past and rocket into your potential for 2011!

Cancer (June 21 – July 22)
Your keen insight allows you to know exactly what others are thinking before they can react to it. Continue to trust and act on these intuitive feelings, and don’t be afraid to step up your game by letting others know you have a heads-up on their behavior. It will help you to trust it more. A recent event has you feeling somewhat blue and out of sorts. You’re good at hiding this behavior from others; it’s ok to let someone know what you’re really experiencing deep down. You may be asked to drive somewhere unexpected or be the designated driver for a night. Financially, Cancers get a boost this week and are able to ride the tide.  Romantically, coupled Cancers are excited about what they will be creating together, while single Cancers may be afraid to take the leap with someone special. It’s not too late to change your mind and go for it. If you’re committed to being single, do both of yourselves a favor and let them go. Celebrate your winning attitude!

Leo (July 23 – August 22)
You may be feeling a bit topsy-turvy about a relationship that went in an unexpected direction. Let go of any worries around trying to “fix things;” it will come back around in due time if it’s meant too. A favorite first-class individual makes you an offer you can’t refuse. Positive work-related vibes keep you on the go, with plenty of challenging adventures being presented. You may decide to splurge on some new clothes, a new haircut or shoes. This external makeover comes with wanting to put your best foot forward in 2011. This is the perfect time to make both internal and external changes. Romantically, coupled Leos like to tease and expect the most out of their partners. You have a strong empathetic side that is readily tapped into at this time. Single Leos are ready to take up arms to prove their love for someone new; just don’t come on too strong, or you may scare them off. Play it cool and you can make it long-term if you want. Celebrate your ability to achieve your goals — with a little bit of patience and finesse!

Virgo (August 23 – September 22)
You’re busy figuring out the details and attempting to stay grounded during this hectic time. You may be in the process of moving, relocating or taking on a big project at work. Nothing gets by you, and you pride yourself on staying ahead of the curve. This week unpredictable events may even surprise you. An unexpected decision, delay or temporary challenge comes your way. You’re able to finesse it in a way that affects you minimally. You may find that you are experiencing headaches or other uncommon body symptoms; look to your diet for the answer. Due to your hectic schedule, you may be eating things you normally try to avoid. You may want to consider a detox to start out the New Year. Acupuncture can be of great assistance to you. Financially, you receive unexpected gifts this week – anything from a late birthday present, wedding or anniversary gift to the obvious holiday trinket. Romantically, coupled Virgos are on the go and may be initially separated during part of the holidays, due to work or conflicting schedules. The good news is your relationship doesn’t miss a beat and you’re in sync. Single Virgos are anxious to prove themselves to someone new. If you don’t have anyone to zero in on, practice on being a good friend; they’ll love you for it. Celebrate your ability to have perfect timing in all areas of your life!

Libra (September 23 – October 22)
A jealous streak from the past flares up, only to be put out by your passionate combination of common sense and aptitude. You’ve got what it takes to forge ahead. Stop looking at other’s plates and begin tackling the work at hand. You can make a huge difference if you allow yourself to get started. This is the perfect time to plant new seeds and new routines. It’s business as usual when it comes to relationships. Everyone is eager to help you and jump in to make a difference. Make sure you’re clear with your communication so that you don’t get yourself into something you aren’t ready for. Financially, things are rolling, with more opportunities coming in. You may be ready to start a new fitness routine or to dive into a new way of eating for life. Whatever you do, you’ll be solidly committed; for optimal success, begin after December 30th when Mercury won’t be retrograde to sabotage your efforts. Romantically, coupled Libras can melt right into their partner’s arms. You may feel compelled to slow things down a bit so that you can spend more time together. Single Libras are all about the party, and looking for ways to interact with others. Make new friends and celebrate the old; you’re on everyone’s guest list, and are liable to connect with an important individual. Celebrate your inner knowing!

Scorpio (October 23 – November 21)
Your patience may get the better of you if you don’t sit down and properly plan this week out. Demands from your work schedule can pull you away from your down time if you allow it to; others won’t be forgiving if it happens too frequently. Family time is important, and you are dying to get them all to yourself. You’ll have windows of time to get your needs met and to dote on others. You’re good at coming up with surprises or having something special to share with your family or “the gang”. The answer is right in front of you. You may need to schedule annual doctor’s appointments, such as mammograms and pap smears. Be sure to get around to finishing your to-do list. You’re working on something big that has big financial rewards tied to it. The good news is that you’re keyed in as an important player and vital to its success. Keep moving forward. Romantically, coupled Scorpios are anxious about getting it all done and having alone time with their guy. Settle into a knowing that you always get what you want, and know how to make it happen. Single Scorpios may need help from a friend to get them out of a jam or delicate situation. Normally, Scorpios are good at saying no, but this one has special strings attached. Celebrate the positive changes happening around you!

Sagittarius (November 22 – December 21)
You find your stride this week and feel comfortable with where you are. Self-imposed deadlines may need to be moved back, due to an unrealistic point of view. Let go of anger or the feeling that others are manipulating you. You have as much time as you need to complete long-term projects and endeavors. You may find yourself in the midst of flushing out an idea with someone you respect; don’t be surprised if an invitation shows up to join forces or to co-create together. Take your time with your response. You may regret saying yes too quickly, but saying no may create the same level of fear. Feel it through and talk it over with others in the know. The full moon eclipse on December 21st promised new beginning; this week could give you a glimpse of it. Romantically, coupled Sags are impatient and want more time with their partner, while single Sags are looking for a way to have it all. You can have your cake and eat it too – at least for now – by showing your authentic side.  Welcome your ability to be detached and do the right thing!

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