Liz Smith: Lady Gaga Keeps a “Poker Face” About Tabloid Tales. Does She Have a Major “Little Monster?”


By wowowow | Published September 27, 2011 | Full size is 306 × 200 pixels

The Lady and Her ill-Gotten Goods

The Lady and Her ill-Gotten Goods

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  1. avatar GretchenW says:

    The tabloids once again blew everything out of proportion and reported incorrectly. My daughter’s roommate is Taylor’s ex-girlfriend and she didn’t phone the tabloids. She is far too classy of a lady to ever do something like that. Someone she knows, however, obviously did phone them with the information and they somehow tracked her down from there and offered her $10K for an interview, which she turned down. Yes, Taylor broke her heart, but the headline was ridiculous, even she admits.

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