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  1. avatar Deirdre Cerasa says:

    I am happy for Christopher Plummer too.

  2. avatar Daniel Sugar says:

    Nick Nolte’s a miracle on 34th street.

  3. avatar Mr. Wow says:

    Zach looks almost cute. 

  4. avatar Mr. Wow says:

    Angelina…please, please, please…even a little fruit or oatmeal.  Just get something in your stomach.

    We can negotiate a cheeseburger later, when you can lift your arms without strain.

  5. avatar Tee Zee says:

    Woody Allen finally won… not that he cares. I did enjoy Midnight in Paris.

  6. avatar Mr. Wow says:

    I think I’d prefer three hours of Ellen DeGeneres commercials.   Not that this is so  bad.

  7. avatar Mr. Wow says:

    Michael Douglas…wow, quite the recovery!   I recall going to the preem of “Wall Street 2″ and everybody assuming he’d be dead within a few months.  Needless to say, it was one of the most packed and frantic and ghoulish events ever. 

  8. avatar Daniel Sugar says:

    Note to Tee Zee: Woody Allen’s already won 5 times.

  9. avatar Mr. Wow says:

    And you know…that wink is the worst part of “Cleopatra.” 

    Oh, well.   They gave her the finale.

  10. avatar Tee Zee says:

    Liking all the actors talking about making movies.

  11. avatar Daniel Sugar says:

    Glad Jean Valjean won.

  12. avatar Mr. Wow says:

    Did not really see that coming– Jean Dujardin.   Charming performance.  Period. 

    • avatar Baby Snooks says:

      I don’t think many saw that coming.  George didn’t look too happy. Angelina didn’t look too happy. I suspect Brad didn’t care. He has fun. What else is there?

  13. avatar Tee Zee says:

    I guess the gold dress worked its charm.

  14. avatar Mr. Wow says:

    Okay, Meryl…you got it.   God bless.  Get drunk.

    Academy, you’re on notice.  No more nominations for this woman.

  15. avatar Mr. Wow says:


    You are still my Top Gun, honey.   We never have to talk about religion.  Or anything.

  16. avatar Reggie says:

    I adored Colin Firth in Mamma Mia — so delicious! Also in The King’s Speech.  I think he’d make a good Bond.
    My niece texted to ask “Who is Billy Crystal?”  I’ll be laughing about that all night.  Reminds me of how my Mom used to say how much she loved Arthur Godfrey and I’d go “Arthur who?”  The march of time is relentless.  At least I know who Bieber is.

    Bravo to Meryl.  Her performance was spot on even if the script was a bit much.  I have great admiration for the real Mrs. Thatcher.

  17. avatar Daniel Sugar says:

    Thanks, Mr. Wow.

    Once again, that was fun.


  18. avatar Tee Zee says:

    OK “The Artist” won all the big ones but not the sweep that was predicted. Not a bad way to spend an evening. Thanks to all of you!

  19. avatar Mr. Wow says:

    It’s over.  Not bad.  Except for my concerns for Miss Jolie.  Those arms and that knee will haunt me for some time. 

    Thanks to you stayed with me through my technical problems and thanks to Joni, Sylvia, Hilary and Emily, who talked me down from my high anxiety when things weren”t working.   And for fixing it, too!

    Mr. W.

    • avatar Baby Snooks says:

      I actually watched most of it.  I think someone should explain to Angelina that bony knees don’t go well with slit gowns. Or at least suggest she keep the leg in instead of out.

      I never really watch so maybe they do this each year now but I remember when the Governors Awards, although I remember when it was just the Jean Hersholtz award, were presented during the Oscar presentation.  So Oprah was allowed to stand and be acknowledged the way Lauren Bacall was. Not that I like Oprah. But I thought it was insulting. the way I thought it was insulting with Lauren Bacall.  And I would have preferred they honored Doris Day. I suspect they never will. Apart from a little blip during the Memorium.  And I also would have preferred Martha screeching over Cleo winking.  But, well, who are we to say?

      I missed your blogging. I forgot.  A friend who used to cover it live was blogging. Via Facebook. So I didn’t get up during commercials. And then went to bed. Hopefully in a day or two all the “news feed” will be gone.

  20. avatar Deirdre Cerasa says:

    Lots of fun and congratulations to everyone; nominees and winners! This was a lovely evening!

  21. avatar Pdr de says:

    Mr. Wow,

    I’ve tried numerous times to read the article – it isn’t here – what comes up are the comments and a picture of Oscar – nothing else. What am I doing wrong?