Mr. wOw’s 2011 Oscar Telecast — Live Blog!


Join us as our irascible, indomitable and irresistible Mr. wOw hosts tonight’s Academy Awards presentation

Here it is..  our favorite man’s inimitable take on the fashion, the faux, and the fun of the biggest night in Hollywood. Take him on yourself in the comments section below!

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  1. avatar J G says:

    I just kept thinking…”don’t we remember what a philandering cheater he was with his wife”
    but then I felt guilty for thinking that, because of his stroke… (@Grace)

    • avatar Mr. Wow says:

      Don’t feel guilty.  But just remember–he didn’t cheat on us.  And I think he came to realize his many errors as a husband and father. (As his son, Michael has come to the same realizations.) 

  2. avatar J G says:

    I wish Amy Adams won. Her range as an actress is amazing.

  3. avatar Mr. Wow says:

    Uh…Anne.  Time to change the gown.

  4. avatar Mr. Wow says:

    Javier, Josh…white is not your non-color.

  5. avatar Richard Bassett says:

    Josh and James Brolin…both super attractive (with the same flavor of acting, too)

  6. avatar Richard Bassett says:

     I liked The Social Network…being a FaceBook and Twitter junkie, I could finally understand it.

  7. avatar J G says:

    ill fitting too.
    I loved the social network. I love to see independent films succeed.

  8. avatar Mr. Wow says:

    “Social Network”—best screenplay.  I can’t argue its excellence. 

  9. avatar Mr. Wow says:

    Nice sppech by Sorkin.

    Now Best Original Screenplay…please “The King’s Speech.”


  10. avatar Mr. Wow says:

    Those white coats made them look like workers at a sanitorium.  Badly cut!

  11. avatar Richard Bassett says:

    I knew that they were going to bring up The Queen, in relation to The Kings Speech. The Academy really loves royalty, doesn’t it?

  12. avatar Mr. Wow says:

    Ah…Anne.  I said a gown.  This is what happens when I run to get a spoonful of peanut butter.

    Okay–Russell and Helen.  THAT actually worked.  She is beyond divine.

  13. avatar Richard Bassett says:

    I en bedre verden!

  14. avatar Richard Bassett says:

    BALE- I LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!

  15. avatar Mr. Wow says:

    Reese.  Wow.  Knows how to pull herself together like a movie star.

    Eh.  Christian Bale.  I was rooting for Mr. Rush.  And by the way Mr. Walhberg should have been nominated as Best Actor

  16. avatar Richard Bassett says:

    What a slap in the face for Walhberg, Mr WoW!

    • avatar Mr. Wow says:

      Well, I wouldn’t go that far.  But I thought he deserved a nod. He is an excellent actor and has made an amazing transformation in Hollywood from that rough trade in his undies.  As a producer, he is very well regarded.

  17. avatar Mr. Wow says:

    One hour in.  I’ve seen worse. 

  18. avatar Mr. Wow says:

    THese people are…?

    ABC-ers.   Nice 1980’s do on her.

  19. avatar Richard Bassett says:

    Gervis on the Golden Globe President: I had to get him off the toilet and put his teeth in, not pretty!

    (I did laugh at that)

  20. avatar J G says:

    What kind of peanut butter? Chunky or regular?
    Oh yay. Nicole..She’s presenting well.

  21. avatar Mr. Wow says:

    Bad choice, Anne.

    Nic and Hugh.  Stars of that six hour epic that didn’t know what the hell it was,  “Australia.” 

    The dress looks a wee bit better up there on stage.  And she said it was “very comfortable.”  And don’t we want our stars to be comfortable?  They’d wish the same for us.

  22. avatar J G says:

    Mr. Oily and Ms. train wreck….

  23. avatar Mr. Wow says:

    Scarlett’s dress doesn’t look better.  Nor does her hair.  Fabulous backside, however.

    He looks like a serial killer.

  24. avatar Tee Zee says:

    Somebody please feed Mathew…

  25. avatar J G says:

    Somebody needs to teach Mr. Matthew M. about mineral makeup.