On the ‘Sport’ of Bullfighting – and Fighting Back

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There was one really bright spot in the news for Mr. wOw last week. The enraged (and terrified) bull who leapt over barriers of a bullring in Spain and charged into the crowd that was gathered to watch the animal be tortured and killed. You go, guy!

I’m glad none of the so-called human beings were killed, but I am sure as hell glad that ballsy bull gave them a taste of fear.

I don’t care how hot and sexy the toreros look in their skintight uniforms of death, bullfighting is a loathsome “sport” and those who enjoy it are considerably lower on the evolutionary scale than the bulls. (And the horses, who are also often injured terribly.)

Of course, the bull met his inevitable fate in the ring. But I raise a glass to him and hope he went to a better place, to live in peace – not cornered by the savagery of man.

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