wOw’s Question of the Week – A Happy New Year Blast from the Past

We asked the wOw community what they were looking forward to in the coming year… here’s what they answered.

What now are you looking forward to in 2013?

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  1. avatar Joan Larsen says:

    Oh my.  .  . well, as I have learned early on that it is not the years in your life but instead, the life in your years — then I am not as interested in longevity, but instead, in the continued ability to squeeze every bit out of my days — and nights!!  May I continue to have the depth of love that I have had in my life . . . and a little more, as more than anything I like to spread it around.  The sunshine of love in our lives I have found is also the best medicine.

    Joni and I seem to agree in a number of things.  I too feel we are spiritual beings having a human experience .  .  . and the wisest of us realize that by giving of ourselves always does bring back with it joy a thousand fold.  I too believe that our souls never die which makes me live life with a sense of peace.  

    To sum it up, if I could I would order “more of the same” please!!!  Joan

    • avatar Susan Crawford says:

      Dear Joan,
      So good to be back on wowOwow and to see your thoughtful and lovely reply as part of the first article I clicked on!
      I can only add that in the coming decade, I will be looking for more ways to deepen and enrich the power of love and the grace of friendship. Without those two things, life seems thinner and more brittle: with them, there is a universe of joy. Not a joy unmixed with tears, to be sure, but even tears have restorative abilities when we are open to love and friendship – probably because we discover we don’t cry alone.
      So here’s to the future – “more of the same, please!”

  2. avatar Linda Myers says:

    In the next ten years:
    Opening the door again and accept a partner in life, sometimes it crosses my mind and then I shut it off again largely due to be selfish with my time and not ready to yet. I agree with Joni and believe there is a lot of greatness in this world which has been clouded over at this time in personal conflicts and people feeling the bad news overtakes the good.
    Opening a holistic center where I could work from. Continuing to be open to the spontaneous rather than planning my life far into the future and maybe missing a moment which is already been scheduled elsewhere.
    Swimming with Dolphins!
    My thoughts on the spiritual aspect would to many seem more sci fi than religious. I do believe we are spirit in a physical journey and part of my journey I have chosen is helping others receive those answers rather than giving the answers, using my own methods of opening their energy to do so. I spend my time helping others validate for themselves, sometimes doing so I feel like I am living life as a Lone Ranger in a world which breathes yet finds accepting why as their biggest doubt.

  3. avatar Baby Snooks says:

    Given my health at the moment, a mystery to all still, my only wish is to be here in ten years mainly to make up for the last ten years that were spent dealing with a stalking situation involving two men who turned my life into a total nightmare part of which was the nightmare of dealing with a justice system and a society that simply does not deal well with stalking. Stalking victims are often told to just ignore the stalker. Society tends to ignore the stalking victim. 

    I do have to agree with Joan Larsen. It’s not the years in your life but the life in your years. I worked with hospice years ago and the one thing I learned is to live for the moment.  This day.
    Despite the nightmare of the last ten years every day I’ve made it a point to focus on something wonderful going on around me in the world.  I wish every news outlet including those on the internet would run a “good news” story every day.  To remind us all that despite it all life is still filled with wonderful people doing wonderful things and making the world a better place to live.  Sometimes all it takes is a smile.  I firmly believe in the words of Rod McKuen.  Love at best is giving what you need to get.  And smiles are always returned. 

    • avatar Nancy Pea says:

      been there about the stalkers for sure. lost my grandson over and got him back. they never did anything to the stalkers except read them the riot act, even though they threatened us on paper. the fact that the stalkers backed off helped. they are scared to be anywhere near my grandson. but wouldn’t have a problem following me and my daughter around. they’re the kind of ppl that are just OVERT stalkers. i guess that is better than being right up in my face and as far as we know now she and her husband have found somebody else’s child to latch on to. if i had my way i would find out who it was and tell them. but i cannot be around her either. then i would be stalking. good luck and hope things go better for you!!!

      • avatar Baby Snooks says:

        January is National Stalking Awareness Month and hopefully wowOwow will join other media outlets in focusing on the growing problem of stalking in our country during the month. 

        Stalking is not just something that happens to celebrities. Stalking is not a form of domestic abuse/violence.  Stalking is not something that people are imagining. 

        The theme of National Stalking Awareness Month is Stalking: Know it. Name it. Stop it. 

        We can’t stop it until we can name it and we can’t name it until we know it. 

      • avatar Nancy Pea says:

        thanx baby! i will be looking into this and posting it on my facebook profile. a good friend from canada has been harassed by this one guy forever. he says she is “this and that”. he says i don’t know her. well, i met her in the flesh and have been talking to her since 96 or 97. she certainly isn’t the type to try to encourage somebody like that, especially since she has one daughter in elementary school and another in preschool. i keep her in my prayers a lot. she has her own FB page on how to deal with stalkers.
        we definitely need more laws in regards to stalkers. it used to be that as long as the person didn’t touch you or did and they had no proof the police’s hands are tied. i remember seeing a video that one woman that was being stalked put out. it made it on her local news. she had a black eye and rope burns on her neck (since he couldn’t have her, he was going to kill her) she was begging for anybody to step forward if they witnessed what happened to her. she also begged her stalker to leave her alone. she had lost her job, her marriage and she was an emotional wreck.
        i don’t know what happened to her after that. but i will never forget the look of sheer terror on her face, the tears and having to beg for help. i’m hoping she got away from him or they caught him and sentenced him. poor thing, he was chasing her from state to state all over the damn country.
        anyway, your in my prayers baby. i hope that you can now breathe again and try to relax. good luck!!!

  4. avatar D C says:

    This next decade will be when my youngest child, 14, will become a man.  He has Asperger’s and is very high functioning, but as he gets older and more is expected of him by society, we will find if he is able to meet the challenges.  As a high school freshman this year, he just flunked his first class – Algebra.  So once again, as has happened in the past 9 years, we will adjust the educational issues, and try to find new ways to help  himreach his goals.  He says he wants to go to college, like his older brother will in the fall, and his older sister will graduate from in the summer.  I so very much want that for him too.  I hope in the next 10 years, he can accomplish all he needs to do to get there.  And I hope that my husband and I maintain our good health and will be around for a long time just in case he needs our help in the decade after that. 

    • avatar Nancy Pea says:

      my son (who is now 32yrs old) is slighty autistic, but not aspergers. he did well in high school, but had to take special classes for students like himself and could only be mainstreamed in some classes like PE and such. he also volunteered to help clean lunch trays (the reward was extra food and extra chocolate milk). even though he didn’t pass the FULL SAT’s. they do make a modified SAT for mentally disabled ppl like him.
      my daughter has aspergers (she will be 31 in march) and went through school pretty good. but she had a problem with attendance through all her grades. because aspergers wasn’t a very well known back in the 90’s she didn’t have any help with special classes. children that have aspergers are HIGHLY intelligent and highly strung. i know my daughter is. when she hit her freshman year she had so many problems fitting in with the other kids and her attendance was always bad. so they recommended home schooling. she excelled there. but we moved out of the area just before graduation. so she finally went and got her GED which opens the same amount of doors as a regular high school diploma. (some ppl have a stigma about the GED, calling it the welfare diploma, but it started out as a standardized test that young geniuses could take so that they could get into college at any age).
      i’m glad you are encouraging him to try. if you have any more problems with him failing subjects don’t let the school district try to let him fail just so they don’t have to deal with him. but law, the school district is to find 3 placements for him either in their school, district or outside of the school district at THEIR expense. you son has many rights available to him and i’m glad he is doing so well. only flunking algebra is pretty darn good considering. good luck to you, your son and family!!!

    • avatar Nancy Pea says:

      for the next ten years i would like to get well. i’m hoping they will find a cure or at least a better way to deal with lupus and fibromyalgia. also lymphema. i didn’t know i was sick when i had my two children. i didn’t know it was something that could be passed on when i did. so far though it seems to mostly go through the female so we are hoping that my grandson will be lucky and it totally passes him by.
      i would also like to see the US get universal health care with a single payor function. i know there are lots of bugs to work out of the plan. but if we keep trying we can do it. i’m not talking as a dem or repub. i’m just talking about something i feel strongly about and it’s something that we need.
      i would also like to see our economy get better. also would like to see corporations like walmart, dollar tree and other big corporations bring back the factories that that now mass produce stuff we need from china and other asian countries, so we can lower our unemployment rate and all our citizens be prosperous again. how are we supposed to find jobs if none exists?
      i would like to see the war with afghanistan stopped. at this time we will never find osama. it’s been to long and to expensive (in money and lives) a search. i would like us to be busy taking care of our own instead of somebody else.
      otherwise, on more subjects closer to home, i would like to see good health in my family. i would like to be able to get a good running car and we would like to move closer to my grandson’s other grandparents and daddy. i would like to see my daughter happy and healthy and see more of my son’s art published. also good health to family, friends and associates!

  5. avatar Mary E. Sayler says:

    My number one wish for the next ten years is peace in the life of all peoples regardless of race, religion, and culture.  I am tried of the hatred that seems to be previlent everywhere.  I wish the Golden Rule which is part of every religion, was really the code of conduct that God meant it to be. 

    • avatar Linda Myers says:

      I completely agree with you! My wish would be for all people to go beyond just tolerance too acceptance, instead the  fear of not knowing and understanding  is stronger than the will to accept others as they are.

  6. avatar kermie says:

    I would like a career that provides work for all those who were laid off with me two years ago.  I would like housing at a fair and equitable price.  I actually found a great vegan restaurant on the Upper West Side that has prices like restaurants had 20 years ago, so that wish is fulfilled.  I have great friends and loved ones with immense patience–they need it with me.  God bless them, every one.  Happy holidays, everyone!

    • avatar Baby Snooks says:

      I would like to see work for everyone who was laid off the past two years but unfortunately our unemployment figures bear out the truth of tax cuts for the wealthy which is they do not produce jobs and seem to produce pink slips instead. Profit above people.  Especially when you’re high above people in a penthouse on Park Avenue. How much does one need to be happy? Apparently quite a lot. Makes me very angry.

      Have a merry, a happy, and a sassy. And be grateful for the friends. The only thing in life that really matters. Where there’s a friend, there’s a way.

      • avatar kermie says:

        Snooks–Thank you for that reply.  People like you keep me afloat.

      • avatar Baby Snooks says:

        People like us keep each other afloat!  I’d rather suffer from “honesty” than “hubris” and some wish I wouldn’t.  I finally shared my story of one Christmas when I served myself a marvelous Christmas dinner of Purina Cat Chow.   A friend who was present the other night when I shocked everyone with it in response to disbelief by someone that things could ever be as bad as some believe things are now told me I should be embarrassed to tell anyone about it. I told her I’d be embarrassed for allowing it.  Which she and several others did. Things are not only as bad as some believe they are things are most likely going to get worse, not better, for many Americans.  

        And the people on “Park Avenue,” so to speak, really don’t care. As I discovered the other night on “Park Avenue.”

      • avatar Briana Baran says:

        Never did cat food…it was too expensive. We had ramen noodles instead. Ten cents for a package, sometimes on sale ten packages for .50. I could get eggs for .69 for a carton of a dozen, and that was our protein. I walked to work (and this isn’t a joke) about three miles in the snow and below zero cold because my husband allegedly needed the car to look for work, and spent 12 hours a day as a nanny/housekeeper/laundress/dog care-taker/cook and errand runner. For this I was paid $2.15/hour. This was back during the Illinois recession in the early 1980’s. I walked home after dark.
        So it goes. Things can get very bad, very quickly. It always amuses me when people talk about jobs that “white Americans won’t do”. I know people who say “I would never do that” and I’m not talking about prostitution, or nude dancing, or pornography. I’m speaking of working in a restaurant kitchen, or doing domestic work, or driving a tractor from dawn till dusk. I’ve done all of those things, because sensible people do what they have to do. And the high rollers in their ivory towers do not care, so long as their lifestyles remain intact.
        I’m not big on wishes, dreams or hopes. I fully intend to lose the hundred pounds, because I have to, because I’d like to live forever, even if I die trying. I’d love to have R. around for as long as we both shall live. I would hope, just a little, that my younger son will continue to love me, and want me to be a part of his life, even as he leaves mine to become. My older son…I hope he will want to find a way to be responsible, and accountable, and to see others as beings with emotions, needs and fears of their own. And that he harms no one, including himself.
        As for world peace and harmony, an end to world hunger, the systemic violation of our planet being brought to a rational halt, and the cessation of war, hatred, bigotry, rape and slaughter of the innocents? Not in my lifetime, and I don’t believe any of these are probable in even the passage of geological time as long as homo sapiens remains, well, homo sapiens. But we can still do our best. Even a dipperful of water is better than no water at all.

      • avatar Baby Snooks says:

        Well I would have loved some Ramen noodles. I had nothing in the pantry so to speak. Nada. Zilch. Nothing.  Had just file for bankruptcy. Had no credit cards and maybe $1 something in my checking account. I had planned on having a check to run and cash so I would have cash.  I was hungry. So, well, the cats fed me.  It’s a joke to be honest at this point. Although it wasn’t at the time. 

        I knew nothing about food pantries at the time.  Of course they’re not open 24/7. I knew nothing about friends either. But I began to learn. 

        I’ve done it all through the years and even delivered pizza at one point and may deliver pizza again at some point.  Another realtor educated me about that little cash cow.  She had discovered it when she was faced with selling her home and losing her “listing base” since she lived in a “country club community” as well as losing half of what she got for the house per the agreement with her husband concerning any profit if she sold it so she delivered pizza in another part of town.  Paid the bills and then some.  Of course as I told her once I think we got better tips than most drivers.  Everyone was so shocked at her in the 450 and me in the 740IL they simply forgot to ask for their change! 

        Paid a lot more than enemployment.  Some prefer the unemployment. And the visions of the return to the ivory tower.

  7. avatar Yvonne Faye says:

    I wish good health for myself and my family.  Mental and physical.

  8. avatar Mr. Wow says:

    Freedom from the emotional blackness that grips me so often.  It’s pointless and selfish. I have so much—at least I still do at this moment.   A continured  but better life with B. (That means me getting better.)  I’d like to keep the best of my loving friends, and maybe add a couple more.  Life could be much bigger.

    Also, I’d like to look just as I do right now.  Any more aging is ridiculous.  I get the point.  We deteriorate.  Enough. 

    • avatar Baby Snooks says:

      I have lived with depression all my life.  I call them my Tennessee Williams moments.  I indulged them in the early part of my life. Why I dated Jack Daniels. I decided on that basis to pass on the pills.  I decided to just live with it.  So far so good.  

      I don’t know that anyone can really explain depression. Perhaps something deep inside us that feels “it’s not fair.” And it spirals downward from there.  I have found as someone you adore and I don’t put it once that life is fair.  Unfortunately it is filled with schmucks.  And, well, I guess the schmucks get to us?  I think depression is a measure of niceness. Nice people get depressed. Not-so-nice people make everyone depressed.

      Find a little moment of happiness each day, even if it’s treating yourself to something sinful like a piece of Godiva, and you’re still ahead in the game. If the pills help, wonderful. If they don’t, don’t worry about it.  Find something that does. Like a piece of Godiva. 

      • avatar Deeliteful says:

        I’m only a week late on this question and I have been thinking about it.  I, too, have endured depression since my late teens,  40 years later, still enduring.  Medication helps up to a point, then it’s dark Godiva chocolate time.  I’m afraid to cry; I may never stop or I may lose myself in the abyss.  Emotional blackness – very well put Mr. wOw.  My selfish wish for the next decade is for peace of mind; I just wish I knew where to look.

  9. avatar Sue Fawcett says:

    I agree about stalking, harassment, the intentional infliction of emotional distress, etc. – not enough attention is paid to protecting people from the unbalanced people who like to inflict it. In many ways, the resulting psychological damage is far worse than a physical injury. At any rate, in the next ten years, I hope for good health and happiness for my loved ones.

    • avatar Baby Snooks says:

      Reality is we live in a predatory society which tends to reward predatory behavior so it causes a problem when we have to punish predatory behavior, increasingly so it seems, and when it is easier to blame the victim for becoming a victim instead of holding the victimizer accountable, we blame the victim. And it doesn’t matter if you’re a victim of a rapist on Main Street or a crook on Wall Street. 

  10. avatar rocky rocky says:

    Can’t think about the next ten years right now (and not so much any other time either), but can about the next ten minutes. And try with all my might to make good decisions for them. Like now: getting ready to go work out and then making myself open the door and meet the world … That’s it. That’s what I can do. That’s what I will.

  11. avatar CYNTHIA NEIL says:

    My biggest wish for the next 10 years is to finish the healing process, I began 3 years ago.   After a decade of trying to fix the unfixable, that situation was closed and I was given back choice and personal power.   I hope I will have the strength of will to continue putting one foot in front of the other until the entire process is complete and I am balanced and whole.

  12. avatar Jessy Bowdoin says:

    Learn from the past, live in the present and hope for the future.
    In ten years my hopes are for my hubby & me and the rest of my family and friends to be reasonablely healthy. Children and grands doing well in school and careers. So that I can be doing well mentally. This journey called life has a wonderful destination waiting for me. Just not ready for the journey to end yet. My brother, to whom I was blessed with to have a great relationship, joined God’s retirement system the first of this year. So it’s been kind of hard to get use to my new norm. Each day is another opportunity to try again to do better. So chins up everyone and march forth!  May 2011 be a great year for us! HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!

  13. avatar HauntedLady says:

    I expect to retire this coming year and wish to spend more time with family and friends, putter in the garden, read, write, hunt antiques, play with the cats. Over the next decade I hope for patience and acceptance of things I can’t change. I hope for time and strength to help one of my many cousins renovate the family farm. I hope to have fabulous roses growing in my yard. I hope to have many dinners and barbecues with those who mean the most to me. I hope to meet the next decade head on and enjoy it to the hilt. I hope for an end to bigotry and hate. And I hope never to grow up.

  14. avatar Cindy Marek says:

    A satisfying church involvement (so far it’s been the pits for 4 years straight), and also for a gradual increase in friends; particularly for lunch, to catch a movie, etc. I also hope this decade sees my sister’s 3rd and *final* marriage (lifelong and fulfilling). Greater financial freedom.

  15. avatar Karen Perry says:

    I pray for continued health, and to eventually marry the man that I am totally in-love with, body mind and soul…..he is my soulmate and my spiritual husband.

  16. avatar yearofalice says:

    I want this to be the year I finally get up the stones to make a pass at the guy I’ve been ogling for years at work. Tired of standing, waiting, hoping, doing my nails. Time to jump. 2011.

  17. avatar Deni says:

    That after this Friday surgery (breast cancer) I will never have cancer again. That the next 10 years will have no life altering changes like the last decade.  That for once something good will happen and I can find the real meaning of happiness.

  18. avatar eleanore wells says:

    This year I want to figure out how to stop Dating and start Staying.