wOw’s Question of the Week: If you were no longer married, would you marry or partner with a younger man?

, Mary Wells, Joan Ganz Cooney

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Many famous women are partnering with younger men, sometimes much younger men. For instance, consider Alex Pettyfer who plays a gorgeous alien on earth in Dream Works’ forthcoming movie ‘I Am Number Four.’ If you were no longer married, would you marry or partner with a clearly younger man or woman?

Candice_bergenSMSQ_0_1.jpgCandice Bergen: Okay. First, it’s about time THAT sexist taboo was done away with. Once it was addressed, it disintegrated fairly quickly. That said, if I were not so extremely old and happily married, I might partner with a younger guy — with the understanding that it would end badly … for me. And with the understanding that as I aged and withered and fattened, my anxiety would also increase. It wouldn’t be a relationship for sissies.

MaryWellsSMSQ.jpgMary Wells: If free, I would have fun and play with a younger man. But older men are often more interesting and know more romantic tricks. I wouldn’t marry anyone any age. Marriage can be warm, but it can be a lot of work.

Joan Ganz Cooney: If I were single – and this has been true for years – I would neither marry nor partner with any man of any age.  I’ve been married for 30 years to the only man on the planet with whom I could possibly live.  I think a woman who is looking for a partner would be smart to marry or partner with someone at least several years younger because women live longer than men, so it makes sense.  How much younger is up to the cougar … er, I mean woman.

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  1. avatar Chris Broersma says:

    No. I’m just not interested in the way younger men are focused these days. In fact to be honest I probably wouldn’t marry or look for a partner again. I’ve been married 40 years and I am thankful for all those years. I just wouldn’t want to go through the whole meet, and get to know all over again!

  2. avatar Baby Snooks says:

    My previous tacky comment is gone so I can be less tacky. Regardless of whether the man or the woman is older, May-September seems to work well. May-December does not.

    If your May is as young or younger than your oldest child or would be if you had an oldest child then you are definitely in December. Not September. At the very least, you probably need some Windex to clean the mirror. And possibly need to screw in all the light bulbs above the mirror. We get old. Get over it.

    “But men do it…” Men who do it are also usually the butt of jokes behind their backs. As are the women who believe people don’t see they are May to his December.

    If you’re December, try September instead of May.

    • avatar Baby Snooks says:

      Better yet, if you’re December, accept reality. Or use an escort service. Which most people will assume you are using anyway. Please.

  3. avatar Rubytea says:

    I wouldn’t marry again, but I think having someone 10 years younger is just fine.  Conversations can still be meaningful and possibly less likely to be too varied and/or confrontational.  Also, there is still a chance of wanting to be more active, rather than being home-bound.

    I do the 5 yrs less/5 yrs older.  I’m 57 yrs old, if I meet someone and they are 49….then 47+5 = 52 and 57-5 = 52.  If it’s 10 years older, 67-5 = 62 and 57+ 5 = 62.  I don’t look beyond 40, 50 or 60s. (Well, not until I’m 60 then it’s 50, 60, or 70s.)

    I think it’s great when we continue to think of candle-light dinners, sitting in front of a fireplace, going to a movie theatre together, etc….no matter the age of an individual.


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